Malta Uncut

"The name of our company is a term we adopted from the film industry which we feel sums up how we want to present Malta. We want to give our client a privileged view... "

Why Malta?

              "The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart"

                     - Antoine De -Saint- Exupery


Uncut Fact: Did you know that the most important meeting in the world since 1945 happened in Malta? The Summit took place on Malta in 1989 and was the meeting where George H. W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev declared an end to the Cold War.


When people hear about Malta many do not know what to imagine or expect – (Is it part of Italy?Why do they speak English? Are they independent?)… People usually know that the Knights of the Order of St. John are linked to Malta but not quite sure how. They may have heard that Napoleon was in Malta for a while, that St. Paul the Apostle was shipwrecked here, maybe even that the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Moors, amongst others had settled here, but no one is really sure what the attraction to this island was…. Why Malta?


Well – Malta primarily because it is strategically situated in the centre of the Mediterranean, at the crossroads between Europe and Africa; Malta because it is a naturally fortified island; Malta because the climate is mild; these were some of the reasons why many civilisations chose to settle in Malta. Today these factors are still valid reasons to visit, to which we can also add 7000 years of heritage, which is different and varied, a legacy left to us by all those who passed through the islands at some point and which today is quintessentially Maltese: this is what Malta is made of.


So Malta is an island…at least geographically‐speaking…but behaves very differently to many others of its kind. Firstly, it is not a seasonal island: it ‘works’ all the year round which means that any period is a good one to visit! A former colony of the UK, it has been independent for just over 50 years and part of the EU (the smallest country) for just over 10, but what makes Malta stand out most is the contrasting scenery that one gets to see in such a small space (just 316 sq km) which makes for creating a unique event. Being so small means that the programmes are more diverse with little time wastage as transfers are short. In just a few days you can experience a gamut of emotions having the deep blue sea, imposing cliffs, Palaces in Medieval Mdina, Fortifications in Majestic Valletta and picturesque Gozo as the background to your event. It truly feels like being transported from one age to another and this is largely what contributes to the element of surprise…coupled with sunshine and traditional Mediterranean cuisine… what’s not to love?


Furthermore, with regard to Accommodation & Conference facilities, Malta can cater for 5000 + pax. Over the years there has been significant investment in Conference halls and technology, all equipped to ensure that our clients have all they need to produce a successful meeting.



Facts & Stats:


Languages  Maltese & English
Capital City  Valletta – which will be the cultural capital of Europe in              2018
Population  450,000
Currency  Euro
Time  GMT + 1
Country Code  + 356 
National Airline  Air Malta connected to all the major European Cities 


  •  Warm, dry summers & mild winters.
  • An average of 300 days of sunshine.
  •  Malta is a Republic with a democratic System of Government.
  • There are 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites on just 316 sq km.
  • The temples are the oldest free standing temples in the world, predating the Pyramids.