Malta Uncut

"The name of our company is a term we adopted from the film industry which we feel sums up how we want to present Malta. We want to give our client a privileged view... "

What We Do

             "People will forget what you said, People will forget what you did, but People will never forget

             how you made them feel"  - Maya Angelou


In a nutshell, we are your eyes on Malta. Your local counterpart. Your Maltese Avatar. We are here to make your job easier, and to impart our knowledge of the local market and to rely on our relationships built over the years with suppliers, in order to make your event ‐ be it conference, incentive or leisure ‐ a success…without the headache. We are present where you can’t be and for this reason especially our priority is to build your trust. 


Once we understand the requirements of our clients, we create a programme that is cut‐to‐measure just for you, ensuring that they get to see all the good parts, get the best service at the best possible prices. Our aim is for you to experience a Malta that is outside the ordinary, beyond the mundane, past the common tourist traps. We want you to experience Malta, uncut – in all its authenticity and raw form. 


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