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Malta Uncut LOVES.... Our top 10 favourites...

For Valentine's Day, we decided to list 10 of the things we LOVE about Malta and Gozo... here goes, in no particular order... we'll try not to gush too much!


1. Valletta...we just can’t rave enough about this city which just keeps getting better and better. This 1 squared kilometre of a capital city appeals to all senses and all ages and is the trendiest spot in Malta at the moment – its majestic architecture is the backdrop to top restaurants, a vibrant nightlife, cultural events….we fall in love Every. Single. Time.


2. Rabat, Gozo – Rabat is the capital City of Gozo, but I find that most people only see the Citadel and the main road… if you walk beyond the market square you will find yourself in a labyrinth of narrow, cobbled roads that are peppered with artisan shops, quaint houses and cafes. The surprise of finding it is as sweet as the place itself.


3. The Sea….of course! I don’t think that we would be able to live too far away from it. It truly gives us a sense of tranquillity and well-being. In the summer months (which start in April and end in November!) we go down to the sea after office hours for a swim and a beer, and it’s just like being on holiday…well, almost!


4. Palazzo Parisio … Malta has plenty of venues with historical value and it’s not easy to choose, but Palazzo Parisio really has everything going for it… the perfectly manicured gardens, the opulent ballroom, the exquisite cuisine … it’s just perfect for a brunch, lunch or Gala Dinner.


5. The Phoenicia Hotel…. Besides being on the doorstep of Valletta, which is definitely a plus, this colonial hotel has the capacity to transport us back to an age where life simply seemed more glamorous! Ideal for any Meeting, Incentive or Leisure group, it is a guaranteed WOW!


6. Domus Zamittello – Valletta has seen a boom in boutique hotels, but we have a soft spot for this one… it is situated on the main road of Valletta and it’s easy to miss but certainly not easy to forget once you step inside. The interior décor is elegant and timeless… we love it both for accommodation or events.


7. Dingli Cliffs – Can you say PANORAMA? These imposing cliffs are great for an early morning walk or cycle with a view. The route practically leads all the way down to the beach of Golden Sands where you can then stop for a well-earned swim and breakfast, depending on the time of the year.


8. Tuk-Tuks in Gozo – We love these colourful little vehicles as they are the best way to get into the nooks and crannies of the villages and truly experience the island. As a plus, they come with a driver who is also a guide, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride!


9. Diving – Malta and Gozo are known for excellent diving spots especially because the sea is so clear and the visibility is fantastic. It’s the perfect way to get in touch and feel at one with Nature and to check out of the rat-race that daily life can sometimes be.


10. Pastizzi…. These simply had to get a mention! Yes, yes we know that these ricotta or pea-filled pastries are not good for our health….but ohhh they are so good for our soul! It’s hard to find something more comforting than a fresh cheesecake or peacake (that’s their English name) and a cup of tea!


So that’s it…!