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Re-learning to Fly | Precautions and Restrictions.

The Malta International Airport will finally be opening on the 1st July after several weeks of closure due to the Covid pandemic. This is great news for us and means that we can cautiously start to return to some kind of normal. But what will the changes be? Here is what we know so far:


Numerous measures will be put into place including wearing masks on planes, having your temperature taken before take-off and after landing and virtual check-ins to minimise contact.


Furthermore, safe corridors between Malta and other countries have been established. This means that anyone coming in from these countries will not be required to quarantine once they land in Malta. The countries that are considered safe for the time being are the following: Sicily, Sardinia, Latvia, Austria, Lithuania, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Cyprus, Slovakia, Israel, Estonia, Denmark, Hungary, Luxembourg, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland and Ireland. Undoubtedly the list will get longer as time passes, and as other European destinations are also experiencing a decline in Covid cases.


The first time will definitely be liberating; it will probably also be stressful, but we will adapt because humans are fantastic at that, and we will just re-learn to fly. The endless possibilities and wonders that travel and discovery offer are too great not to.