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Travelling Post Covid - Malta Guidelines

Malta’s excellent performance has been acknowledged by the European Commission, the Commonwealth, the World Health Organisation, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, and others.


Malta is no longer in a state of Public Health Emergency, which is great news for conference and event organisers. Nonetheless, health and safety are still our priority. Here is how Malta is handling the restart in terms of health and safety for travellers:


The 3 Golden Rules:

1. Maintain social distancing where necessary.

2. Maintain high levels of personal hygiene.

3. Wear masks or visors where required.  


At the Airport:

1. The airport will re-open on the 1st July and all flight restrictions will be lifted by the 15th July.

2. Travellers to Malta will NOT be subjected to a swab test on Arrival.

3. There WILL be thermal screening on Arrival

4. Travellers will be asked to fill a form concerning their travels of the past 30 days.

5. VISA requirements will remain unchanged.

6. Arrivals will have to wear a facemask or visor inside the terminal building as well as on the coach transfers between the plane to the terminal.

7. Airport personnel will also be wearing a facemask or visor.



1. Vehicles will be cleaned & sanitised before & after each service.

2. Hand sanitiser /disinfectant wipes will be provided by each vehicle door for use by the passengers.

3. Drivers will wear face mask/visor while operating the vehicle.

4. Air-conditioning filters will be cleaned and disinfected regularly

5. Fresh air ventilation to be continuously operated at maximum level

6. Guests must wear face masks/visors at all time whilst on board

7. Guests must retain the same seat during the entire service


Hotels and Restaurants:

1. All hotels & restaurants must adhere to the Golden Rules (see previous page).

2. The Malta Tourism Authority inspected all establishments before they opened to certify that they are compliant with COVID-19 protocols

3. Audits will be carried out periodically to ensure adherence to these standards.

4. Hotel staff are trained to maintain the required safety levels in terms of health & hygiene.

5. Hotels, restaurants, shops & attractions have also invested in equipment that is intended to minimise risks.

6. At restaurants, buffets and self-service counters have been eliminated, salt and pepper cruets have been in favour of disposable sachets.


Organised Excursions:

1. Guides will wear a mask/visor at all times

2. Guides will read out the norms & any applicable national protocols to guests at the beginning of each excursion

3. Guides will use a portable speaker or silent whisperers to enable guests to follow the explanation whilst maintaining social distance

4. Guests must have their own face masks/visors & should be encouraged to carry their own sanitiser gel or wipes too

5. Guests should maintain a social distance of 2 metres from any person  outside their group when following the guide’s explanation.

6. Guide & guests will comply with the specific protocols applicable for any sites / museums which are included in the itinerary.


Beaches and Swimming Pools:

1. Measures include daily beach cleaning, more frequent emptying and disinfection of bins and public toilets, spacing out deckchairs and umbrellas, and practising social distancing of 2 metres when queuing.

2. There must be a minimum distance of 2 metres in every direction between each unit of 1 umbrella + 2 sunbeds in the open area around pools.

3. Only one person per sunbed is allowed.

4. Staff at pools will be wearing visors and will take care that all equipment and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised regularly.

5. Only 50% of the maximum bathing capacity will be allowed.


The measures listed above are subject to changes at any given time depending on guidelines issued by public health authorities. For more information, get in touch with Lisa or Edward at or


T: 0035679827614




Photo Credit: Mark Cassar