"Our aim is for you to experience a Malta that is outside the ordinary, beyond the mundane, past the common tourist traps. We want you to experience Malta, uncut - in all its authenticity and...

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This is where Malta definitely has an advantage over many other destinations. The list of venues which we can propose where you can have your Gala Dinner or any event is truly endless. Malta Uncut will help you choose the perfect venue in the right setting for your event.


The mild climate is a help in that we are able to use outdoors for most of the year. Many of the historical venues are available to rent and make a stunning backdrop for any themed evening. If you are looking for a trendier or less formal setting, then there are the beaches, night clubs or one of the islands’ many restaurants.


For something more original, how about lunch on a cliff edge or dinner in a village square? Or for the really exclusive: lunch in a private residence. These are just some of the possibilities... these venues can be complemented by animation, music and actors in order to transport the guests and appeal to all their senses.  


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