"Our aim is for you to experience a Malta that is outside the ordinary, beyond the mundane, past the common tourist traps. We want you to experience Malta, uncut - in all its authenticity and...

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‘You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation’ ‐ Plato. What’s your idea of Fun? Whether it’s Sports, Competition, Relaxation, History & Culture, Food & Agriculture... we will ensure that you have it!


Fun after all is what helps people to remember the event. Malta is a playground, an outdoor gym, a historical gem. There are cliffs to climb or abseil, paths off the beaten track to cycle through, crystal waters to sail and stories & legends to uncover which lend themselves so well to adventure. Again here the climate helps enormously and most of the activities we propose are outdoors and, taking advantage of the fact that Malta is an island, sea‐ based.


Depending on the interest of our client we will create activities that bond, discover and challenge all at once. Activities can be themed according to, or indeed specifically created for the company culture, making them truly unique.  

Furthermore, our cultural excursions need not be run of the mill. Include a private visit of the Caravaggio Museum, meet a Knight of the Order of St. John, attend a private concert in the Grandmaster’s Palace...


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